A mix of names and titles, though the outcome is the same – creative, professional, space design. I wish I had all the imagery from the ’90s and early 2000’s. Some is here for what I could come across. My first big break in set dressing and props came in 1998 on a feature film set for 20th Century Fox’s “Drive Me Crazy”. Set Design, Set Dressing, Props, Graphic Design, On Demand Custom Printing. An amazing experience that led to more music videos, events, trade shows and interior design work. – Frank C Pusateri

ASAP Onsite Septic & Sewer Logo/Brand Design

Mitchell’s brand recognition dropped the diner and went more towards restaurant.  Also removing 30% of the menu items to focus on what they did best. 

ASAP Onsite Septic & Sewer Website Design

The center hub of information. All points of communication and information are here.

ASAP Onsite Septic & Sewer Interior Design

Adding signage and detail in the office to continue brand development & company recognition 

ASAP Onsite Septic & Sewer Social Media

Google, Facebook & Instagram have been a key part in growth as customers have been able to see and read about the many things Mitchell’s Restaurant has to offer. 

ASAP Onsite Septic & Sewer Photography

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ASAP Onsite Septic & Sewer EDDM Mailing

Keeping the message & branding consistent and touching people at every marketing angle is key. 
We all receive different information at different times in different ways. Collectively this is known as marketing touch. Keep the message visually powerful, educational, consistent and repetitive. 

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